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Professional Business Coaching & Consulting

G'day. I'm Tara Michelle West

I unearth key marketing & business strategies
that make a real financial difference
in the lives of business owners.

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The 3 Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make… And How To Overcome Them All.

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Tired of Marketing That No Longer Works?

Let’s face it. Marketing that doesn’t work is enough to give you a headache. If you’re tired of marketing that no longer works, and you’re interested in generating new leads and making more money for your small business, then I’d love to show you how to outmarket and outsell your competition by creating competition-crushing marketing.

There are 3 critical marketing fundamentals that all small business owners fail to do. Once you apply them, you immediately generate more leads, attract more clients, and make more money.

As a marketing strategist, I can find any business a minimum of $10,000 in revenue in less than 45 minutes – GUARANTEED – and without spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

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To prove it, I’d like to offer you a free, no-obligation 45 minute consultation. No catch, no gimmick, no fine print. Just real strategies that you can walk away with and start implementing straight away if you wish.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, schedule a time in my calendar now:

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Unrestricted Access To Marketing Tools, Resources & Support

Our e-Learning Marketing System is the most powerful and dynamic do-it-yourself client attraction program ever created.


  • 24 / 7 / 365 Proprietary Access to Online Resources
  • Diagnostic of Your Business
  • Customized Marketing Roadmap
  • $1 Million Marketing / Advertising Library
  • Weekly Strategic Led Generation Webinars
  • Proprietary Time Management Program
  • 52 Week Business Fundamentals Training Program
  • 52 Weekly Personal Skills Development Program

Tired of business consultants who only give advice and fail to deliver results?


Business Coaching & Consulting

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Guaranteed Results. No Exceptions.

At Big Oak Coaching, we provide education, inspiration, consultation and coaching so you can dominate your industry and realize greater revenues and profits.

We GUARANTEE more leads, more business and more profits. Our clients gain substantial improvements in 90 days, typically less… No matter where they are located in the world.

We act as a catalyst for achievable and powerful strategies that any owner can implement straight away to generate immediate cash flow. 

And let’s not forget the fun part of business, right? There’s no point being in business if you’re sick, stressed and tired of your business being sick and tired. Let’s shake things up and have you remembering what it was you loved about your business and why you got into it in the first place! If you’re not having a continual love affair with your business, why not? Together, we can rehash, rewrite, and reinvent so you can smash your goals this year and gain more joy, more flexibility to do what you REALLY love, as well as financial stability!

More Leads

Effortlessly generate as many new leads as you want… WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

More Conversions

Close more sales using an automated PROCESS that does 90% of the work for you.

More Transactions

Increase your revenue by 34% using 2 simple strategies that cost you NOTHING to implement.

Higher Pricing

People buy based on value, NOT price. Powerful strategies that elmininate price competition forever.

More Profits

Profitability is more than just eliminating costs. Strategies to increase profits without having to spend a dollar.

Business Systemization

Automate your business so you achieve total and complete financial freedom. Position your business so you can sell when you want for top dollar.

Founder | Tara Michelle West

Love Is All Things… Business.

G’day! I’m an award-winning entrepreneur, certified coach and author who has been helping individuals and businesses since  1992. Although my entrepreneurial journey actually began long before that, when  at age 6,  I snuck out the house and sold toys door-to-door up my street. It didn’t last long as my Mum was not impressed! It was through that adventure that I learned my first business lesson too!

From there, I progressed to another business when I was 12 which, again, saw me knocking door-to-door to sell my product!

Since then, I have established and sold businesses (Creative Agency, PR/Marketing, and Customer Satisfaction Management), and continue to own an international online company specializing in personal branding and marketing, as well as a software development initiative in the HR industry.

Some of my corporate clients have included Hewlett Packard Australia, Vero Insurance, Mission Australia, CRS (Australian Government), Sydney South West Area Health Service, Department of Education & Training, plus numerous other happy small business owners.

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Big Oak Coaching is an Australian Registered Business, ABN 82 338 724 988, and helps small business owners locally, nationally and internationally.


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